My work has developed out of a Fine Arts background, utilizing audio tape delay systems and modified and unconventional electro-acoustic instruments in textural and noise compositions, to my present working practice which includes theatre projects, settings for spoken word, soundtracks, and experiments with chance and indeterminacy in computer set-ups. I am continuing my study of the violin, especially the compositions of J.S. Bach and eastern european folk music.

I primarily identify my work in these three groupings:


Studio based composition using software synthesis, hand made instruments, electric guitar, violin, and percussion, either solo or as a collaboration.


Sound sculptural experiments exploring such areas as the physical nature of sound, the performance possibilities of specially made instruments and sound art in the broader context.


Music making in more conventional contexts, including the therapeutic nature of musical interactivity, approaches to instrumental technique influenced by my Yoga practice, and strategies for writing and structural improvisation.

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